A Better Way to Apply for a Home Online Awaits Borrowers

Buying a home is always a major undertaking, but many believe that the process could be simplified in significant, important ways. In particular, quite a few home buyers find that arranging for financing turns out to be more complex and difficult than might be strictly necessary.

As those who learn more about Dustin Dimisa here will see, there is some real progress being made, however. While it can still seem as if acquiring a residential loan were more challenging than it needs to be, things are starting to improve.

A Career in the Residential Lending Industry Produces Insights and Inspiration

Dimisa got his start as a professional with CountryWide, a company that became a titan of the residential lending industry beginning around the year 2000. Tasked with leading one of the lender’s fastest growing divisions, he began looking for ways to improve the experience for borrowers.

By the time Dimisa left CountryWide to co-found his own firm with a partner, he had become convinced that borrowing could be much easier. With his InterContinental Capital Group now having more than ten years of its own successes behind it, it has recently launched an important new initiative.

Simpler, Easier Loan Applications Online

One commonly noted pain point among borrowers has been the need to work with outdated tools and processes. Even while other companies in the broader financial industry have long since moved on, many residential lenders have remain wedded to an overly labor-intensive application flow.

With its “Lending Made Easy” system, InterContinental aims to shake things up. Instead of being forced to fill out applications in painstaking fashion by hand or with the help of a professional, borrowers can do so from the comfort of their own homes.

That helps to cut down on mistakes and the time it takes to complete and support even the most complex of applications. As a result, borrowers are more likely to move forward with the process, instead of getting hung up on the various hurdles that otherwise so often crop up in the way. With InterContinental enjoying significantly improved levels of business as a result, it has become clear that plenty of rewards await those who find out how to serve applicants and borrowers better.